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Google Drive

Attention All!!! We are experiencing an issue with Google Drive at the moment. It is not accessible through Google Chrome. Please try and access it through Internet Explorer. We have been in constant talks with both Google support and our consulting firm, NetOps on a resolution for this problem. We apologize for this inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding and hope we have a resolution as soon as possible. 

Having Issues with Google Apps, Docs, and Drive?

Are there things that aren't just working right when trying to use GMail, Google Drive, Google Apps in Internet Explorer? Give Google Chrome a try!!! We promise, you'll like it!!!

If you sign into Chrome and sync your data it will be there everytime you are on the computer.  Chrome is incredibly faster, and yes we know unfortunately there are some pages that may not work well with Chrome. You always have options! But if you want great performance with Google Drive and Docs....choose Google Chrome!!!

Website Changes

Attention all Staff!!!

If you want something changed, please email those changes to Ty Debevoise at debevoiset@whitehallcityschools.org

Ty is the new Director of Communications and will be handling all district websites and social media for the District. 


~WCS Technology Department

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WCS Helpdesk

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