Report Card/Interim Schedule

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The ProgressBook report card window opens on January 23, 2013 and will close at 9:00a.m. on January 30, 2012. Report cards will be sent home on February 1, 2013. 

Race to the Top (RttT)

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Please read the winter and fall RttT newsletters located in the staff resources.

Building Technology Updates for Kae, Rosemore, and WYHS

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If you are adding an ITAssist please give some information about the issue, including the current room number. If you are at Old Kae please ad WYHS @ Old Kae and Old Rosemore WYHS @ Old Rosemore. We are getting a number of requests with very little information.

PRINTERS-The names of high school printers changed to reflect the building in which their location in either Old Rosemore or Old Kae. An example would be WYHS "Printer Name" @ RMS. You will need to add printers to your computer in order to use the printer. Printers at New Rosemore are in each of the workrooms on each floor. Printers at New Kae are in the work room and the extended learning areas. Again please add the appropriate printers.

Renewing Your Educator License?

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If you are renewing your teacher license, log in to the portal page and check out the HR & Benefits section under Docs & Forms. There is documentation to help understand the process and use MyLearning Plan.

Help Us Help You!

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In order to help us solve your technology issues as quickly as possible, please enter the following information into ITAssist: the room number, computer name (click on the "Computer Name" icon-gold star on the desktop), and issue description. Please give as much information as possible.

If you get an ITAssist email, please open the e-mail and review the attachment. The attachment will open in a web browser such as Internet Explorer. The attachment has instructions or additional information regarding your trouble ticket and may contain questions which require your input or response.

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